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Living in, photographing, and enjoying the beautiful Central New York area

Reese Ranch Rodeo

June 10, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Did you know CNY had a real live rodeo?  I didn’t either!  But it turns out there is a rodeo a little southwest of Elmira in Pine City, NY known as the Reese Ranch Rodeo.  It was a blast!


I don’t know much about horses or rodeos but I’m pretty sure this young lady’s ride was far from perfect.  But she’s obviously having fun anyway!


Racing back to the finish line

My early pictures were a little on the slow side (1/350) for this level of action – I still hesitate to bump up my ISO even though I know the D7100 can handle it.  Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson.

I also downloaded Lightroom 5 last night as I’ve been anxious to try the radial filter.  I used two on the shot above – a small circle to lighten her face under her hat and another larger one to produce vignetting around the horse and rider.  I love having the ability to move my center point around as in the photo below where the rider isn’t centered.  If I’d used the old vignetting tool the focus would be on the blue-shirted person in the background- obviously not my intention!


Eventually the sun came out and that helped increase my shutter speeds as well as I did eventually bring my ISO up to 800-1,000 as well.  So my shots  started getting sharper.


This young lady is only five years old – the youngest rider at the rodeo.

There was also bull riding at the rodeo…..


All the bull riders got up and walked themselves out of the pen – although I’m sure some of them were pretty bruised up after their rides.


Time to go!!

Reese Ranch has rodeos about every other weekend rain or shine – the next one is scheduled for June 22.  If you’re looking for something fun and inexpensive (an adult was $5) to do I highly recommend an afternoon horse racing and bull riding!!

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Senior Week

June 09, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Life in a college town can be both predictable – due to life revolving around the school’s schedules – and unpredictable – we are dealing with roughly 25,000 18-22 year old people after all!!

DSC_3017dsc_3017 So I perhaps should have considered senior week when I went down to Stewart Park at the south end of Cayuga Lake for some sunset shots a few weeks ago.  I took my life in my hands for this shot as there was a fast a furious game of frisbee football going on behind me.


These almost-ex-students managed to leave behind their game of beer pong to watch the sunset for a bit.  I actually think their presence adds to the fun of the shot.


Fortunately for me they got bored after sunset and left me alone with the blue hour.

DSC_3052dsc_3052 I guarantee if I went to take this shot tonight I’d have the park largely to myself and the occasional dog walker or dedicated jogger.

DSC_3057dsc_3057 Best wishes to all of 2013′s graduates!

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Corning Glassfest

June 06, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

For this post I’m going to need you to think back a little – just a little.  Remember Memorial Day Weekend?  Remember how cold it was (at least it was quite chilly in CNY)?  Despite the chill – hubby and I still attended the Corning Glassfest.

DSC_3185dsc_3185 The good news: we had front row seats to just about everything.  Not many people around, no crowds whatsoever, and easy access to any vendor I wanted to check out.


The bad news: there was no MC for the glass blowing event so I really have no idea what these guys are doing!

DSC_3171dsc_3171 Later on this gentleman would attach the head on the right to the legs he’s currently working on.

DSC_3159dsc_3159 I really wanted to move this cooler!!  I will say I was especially grateful for my D7100 as I used ISO 4000 for these shots – just a little noise cleanup in post was required.

Hubby and I spent a fun but chilly evening at the Glassfest and are planning on attending again next year.

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Great Blue Heron

June 04, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

DSC_3429dsc_3429 Such a majestic animal

DSC_3421dsc_3421 I’ve been fascinated by great blue herons ever since I was a child – probably because my mom told me they were rare so I thought I was special every time I spotted one.

DSC_3418dsc_3418 I’ve been trying for quite some time to get some great blue heron shots with only moderate success.  They are elusive whenever I have camera in hand.

DSC_3431dsc_3431 So when we ran into this one in Lake Treman in Upper Buttermilk Park he was so far away I almost didn’t bother.  But when s/he started hunting I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  Fortunately the much higher resolution of my D7100 coupled with the 1.3X image area made these shots possible.  Certainly my best to date.


For more information about great blue herons and to see what’s going on right now in an actual heron nest you can visit Cornell University’s Lab of Orinthology’s website.  Warning – watching the baby birds on the nest is addicting!!

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Watkins Glen State Park Never Gets Old

June 03, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

If you follow this blog you know I go to Watkins Glen State Park regularly.  Some past posts about the park are here and here.  But somehow depending on the season and the water levels and the weather it seems to always be different.

DSC_3464dsc_3464 As you can see water levels are a bit lower than normal for this time of year.  I don’t usually even stop to photograph this waterfall at the entrance to the park but for some reason this trip it appealed to me.

DSC_3486dsc_3486 As you can see the gorge gets very narrow in places.  Since this was a very overcast day I did some work with long exposures – mostly 6-8 seconds – notice the swirlies?

DSC_3470dsc_3470 This tiered waterfall is one of the lesser known falls in the park but is one of my favorites.

DSC_3474dsc_3474 Probably the most iconic shot of Watkins Glen – and one that every photographer makes while they’re here.  In an attempt to try to get something a little different I also made this shot….

DSC_3472dsc_3472 …changing up the angle a little.  I might like this one a bit better as it feels like there’s a bit of a mystery – what’s at the end of the bridge?  But then I can see where others might not appreciate the mystery – these are the people that read the last chapter of their books first!

So even if you’ve been to Watkins Glen before, or maybe even several times, stop by again – it’s always worth a visit.

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