DLJ PHOTOGRAPHY: Blog http://www.dlj-photography.com/blog en-us (C) DLJ PHOTOGRAPHY dlj.photogaphy@yahoo.com (DLJ PHOTOGRAPHY) Wed, 12 Jun 2013 14:37:00 GMT Wed, 12 Jun 2013 14:37:00 GMT http://www.dlj-photography.com/img/s/v-5/u370523636-o902716125-50.jpg DLJ PHOTOGRAPHY: Blog http://www.dlj-photography.com/blog 120 80 Reese Ranch Rodeo http://www.dlj-photography.com/blog/2013/6/Reese-Ranch-Rodeo Did you know CNY had a real live rodeo?  I didn’t either!  But it turns out there is a rodeo a little southwest of Elmira in Pine City, NY known as the Reese Ranch Rodeo.  It was a blast!


I don’t know much about horses or rodeos but I’m pretty sure this young lady’s ride was far from perfect.  But she’s obviously having fun anyway!


Racing back to the finish line

My early pictures were a little on the slow side (1/350) for this level of action – I still hesitate to bump up my ISO even though I know the D7100 can handle it.  Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson.

I also downloaded Lightroom 5 last night as I’ve been anxious to try the radial filter.  I used two on the shot above – a small circle to lighten her face under her hat and another larger one to produce vignetting around the horse and rider.  I love having the ability to move my center point around as in the photo below where the rider isn’t centered.  If I’d used the old vignetting tool the focus would be on the blue-shirted person in the background- obviously not my intention!


Eventually the sun came out and that helped increase my shutter speeds as well as I did eventually bring my ISO up to 800-1,000 as well.  So my shots  started getting sharper.


This young lady is only five years old – the youngest rider at the rodeo.

There was also bull riding at the rodeo…..


All the bull riders got up and walked themselves out of the pen – although I’m sure some of them were pretty bruised up after their rides.


Time to go!!

Reese Ranch has rodeos about every other weekend rain or shine – the next one is scheduled for June 22.  If you’re looking for something fun and inexpensive (an adult was $5) to do I highly recommend an afternoon horse racing and bull riding!!

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DSC_3017dsc_3017 So I perhaps should have considered senior week when I went down to Stewart Park at the south end of Cayuga Lake for some sunset shots a few weeks ago.  I took my life in my hands for this shot as there was a fast a furious game of frisbee football going on behind me.


These almost-ex-students managed to leave behind their game of beer pong to watch the sunset for a bit.  I actually think their presence adds to the fun of the shot.


Fortunately for me they got bored after sunset and left me alone with the blue hour.

DSC_3052dsc_3052 I guarantee if I went to take this shot tonight I’d have the park largely to myself and the occasional dog walker or dedicated jogger.

DSC_3057dsc_3057 Best wishes to all of 2013′s graduates!

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Corning Glassfest http://www.dlj-photography.com/blog/2013/6/Corning-Glassfest For this post I’m going to need you to think back a little – just a little.  Remember Memorial Day Weekend?  Remember how cold it was (at least it was quite chilly in CNY)?  Despite the chill – hubby and I still attended the Corning Glassfest.

DSC_3185dsc_3185 The good news: we had front row seats to just about everything.  Not many people around, no crowds whatsoever, and easy access to any vendor I wanted to check out.


The bad news: there was no MC for the glass blowing event so I really have no idea what these guys are doing!

DSC_3171dsc_3171 Later on this gentleman would attach the head on the right to the legs he’s currently working on.

DSC_3159dsc_3159 I really wanted to move this cooler!!  I will say I was especially grateful for my D7100 as I used ISO 4000 for these shots – just a little noise cleanup in post was required.

Hubby and I spent a fun but chilly evening at the Glassfest and are planning on attending again next year.

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Great Blue Heron http://www.dlj-photography.com/blog/2013/6/Great-Blue-Heron DSC_3429dsc_3429 Such a majestic animal

DSC_3421dsc_3421 I’ve been fascinated by great blue herons ever since I was a child – probably because my mom told me they were rare so I thought I was special every time I spotted one.

DSC_3418dsc_3418 I’ve been trying for quite some time to get some great blue heron shots with only moderate success.  They are elusive whenever I have camera in hand.

DSC_3431dsc_3431 So when we ran into this one in Lake Treman in Upper Buttermilk Park he was so far away I almost didn’t bother.  But when s/he started hunting I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  Fortunately the much higher resolution of my D7100 coupled with the 1.3X image area made these shots possible.  Certainly my best to date.


For more information about great blue herons and to see what’s going on right now in an actual heron nest you can visit Cornell University’s Lab of Orinthology’s website.  Warning – watching the baby birds on the nest is addicting!!

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Watkins Glen State Park Never Gets Old http://www.dlj-photography.com/blog/2013/6/Watkins-Glen-State-Park-Never-Gets-Old If you follow this blog you know I go to Watkins Glen State Park regularly.  Some past posts about the park are here and here.  But somehow depending on the season and the water levels and the weather it seems to always be different.

DSC_3464dsc_3464 As you can see water levels are a bit lower than normal for this time of year.  I don’t usually even stop to photograph this waterfall at the entrance to the park but for some reason this trip it appealed to me.

DSC_3486dsc_3486 As you can see the gorge gets very narrow in places.  Since this was a very overcast day I did some work with long exposures – mostly 6-8 seconds – notice the swirlies?

DSC_3470dsc_3470 This tiered waterfall is one of the lesser known falls in the park but is one of my favorites.

DSC_3474dsc_3474 Probably the most iconic shot of Watkins Glen – and one that every photographer makes while they’re here.  In an attempt to try to get something a little different I also made this shot….

DSC_3472dsc_3472 …changing up the angle a little.  I might like this one a bit better as it feels like there’s a bit of a mystery – what’s at the end of the bridge?  But then I can see where others might not appreciate the mystery – these are the people that read the last chapter of their books first!

So even if you’ve been to Watkins Glen before, or maybe even several times, stop by again – it’s always worth a visit.

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Woodlawn National Cemetery http://www.dlj-photography.com/blog/2013/5/Woodlawn-National-Cemetery DSC_3211dsc_3211 On a rainy Tuesday I visited Woodlawn National Cemetery in Elmira, NY.  I’d driven by this a few times but had never been through the gates and I figured on the outer edge of Memorial Day Weekend would be a good time to go pay my respects to those who fought for our freedoms.  I was surprised by the number of children’s graves who were placed alongside their parents – I took it as a sign of how far our medical care has progressed.

DSC_3238dsc_3238 From a photography standpoint there were leading lines everywhere and I had a hard time deciding where my next shot should lie.  I would’ve liked to use my Nifty Fifty but since I don’t have a lens hood for that I was afraid I would end up with more raindrops on my lens than usable pictures.

DSC_3230dsc_3230 I learned that what is now Elmira Correctional Facility (which is visible beyond the cemetery gates) was in the 1860′s a POW prison for Confederate soldiers.  2,978 Confederate soldiers were buried here by John Jones, an escaped slave.  Mr. Jones kept such meticulous notes that in 1907 when the federal government authorized the placement of headstones on the graves each was inscribed with the deceased’s name, regiment, and grave number.

DSC_3218dsc_3218 In 1937, The United Daughters of the Confederacy placed a monument in memory of the Confederate POW’s who lost their lives while imprisoned in Elmira and were buried in Woodlawn Cemetery.  The statue overlooks the Confederate graves and faces east.  I chose to focus on the soldier’s rain spattered boots where someone had thoughtfully placed some carnations in memoriam.DSC_3224dsc_3224 A belated thank you to all the soldiers who have fought and continue to fight so allow us the freedoms we so often take for granted.  Your sacrifices are not forgotten.

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Photographic Passion http://www.dlj-photography.com/blog/2013/5/Photographic-Passion So – I realize I’m a day late and a dollar short getting to Scott’s assignment this month – this deadline just kind of snuck up on me!! What’s ironic is that my photographic passion and where I wanted to go from here was something I’d been thinking a lot about – even before Scott posted this assignment.


No surprise – I like waterfalls! Taken at Robert Treman State Park

A little history if you don’t already know.  I’m not in this photography thing to make money – I’m in it to make pretty pictures.  If someone likes my pretty pictures enough to want to part with their hard earned money – well that’s OK too.  But it’s not why I’m here.


Another waterfall! Hector Falls in Burdett, NY

A question I’ve asked myself is who defines pretty.  In this case – I do.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I can’t possibly foresee what one person will think is pretty versus another.  So in this case I am the judge and the jury because it’s my name that’s attached to the picture.  I’m the one that gets the final say regarding what’s pretty and what’s not.


Any kind of water will do – Cayuga Lake Blue Hour

However, with all that said, now on to my news.  I am going to have my first solo photography show from October through December 2013.  For me, this has been exciting and stressful and challenging, and thank heavens it’s still four months away!!  But it’s changed my perspective a bit – now I’m in a place where I’m selecting work based on what might sell as opposed to what I think is pretty.  But that puts me back in the same place I was before – how can I forecast what someone else might like enough to spend their hard-earned money on?  Bottom line: I can get some ideas based on what’s been sold before but there’s really no telling what is going to move someone.  For me – there’s no greater honor.


And I like wine – taken from the back deck of Lamoreaux Landing who will be graciously hosting my show

So there you have it – my big (and terrifying) news.  It’s been a couple of months since this was arranged and I still can’t quite believe it.  I will be posting updates as the show nears – and I will definitely post pictures of the show once it’s hung.  And afterwards I might be able to answer the question – will I ever do something like this again??  We’ll see – for right now – I’m glad I get to share my passion for photography and the Finger Lakes with you.It’s a big part of what makes all of this special to me.

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DSC_2816dsc_2816 Not so this time around.  Even though the day was intermittently cold, rainy, snowy, sunny, or all of the above depending on which direction one looked, the water flow was much less than my prior visit, allowing for many different shots.  Such as this one above where I’m actually sitting on a rock that was likely under water my first visit.

DSC_2857dsc_2857 The park looked much, much different with green as opposed to the autumn colors I’ve seen before.  Not really sure why this came as a surprise to me – I guess I just had the autumn pictures in my head and hadn’t yet adjusted them for the seasons so this very green park came as something of a surprise to me.

DSC_2897dsc_2897 No trip to Letchworth is complete without stopping at Archery Overlook!

DSC_2845-Editdsc_2845-edit Looking across Wolf Creek into the gorge as storm clouds roll in (again).


Ironically I think this is my favorite shot of the day and there’s no water here anywhere.  I actually lowered the clarity here quite a bit to give the green a more “carpet” feel and the leaves less definition – this is very much against my usual inclination to have everything clear and sharp – but I really like how this turned out.  I wouldn’t be surprised to find this one framed on a wall at some point!

There’s still time to join Andy at this coming weekend’s second Letchworth Photowalk – full info can be found here.

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Wait Five Minutes http://www.dlj-photography.com/blog/2013/5/Wait-Five-Minutes There’s a popular phrase here in CNY: “If you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes – it’ll change.”  Never was that more true than Saturday when I visited Letchworth State Park


Upper Falls at 10:16 AM

I visited Letchworth as part of A. D. Wheeler’s photowalk – Andy is running a second photowalk this coming Sunday, May 19th and the weather is supposed to be much nicer – full information is at the link provided.


Upper Falls at 10:17 AM

As you can see at quarter after 10 there were some serious dark skies looming.

But 20 minutes and one snow/hale storm later…..


Upper Falls at 10:43 AM


Upper Falls at 10:43 AM

Note: I’m using a circular polarizer on the 10:4? shots to cut all the glare from the water on the foliage.  Otherwise this would be one shiny picture!


Upper Falls at 10:44 AM

And this is how my crazy weather day went until about 3:00 when the second snow squall of the day blew through and I decided it was time to go home.  Sun, wind, snow, rain – all within a 5 hour time period.  It was a crazy day!!

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Spring has Sprung!! http://www.dlj-photography.com/blog/2013/5/Spring-has-Sprung Aside from the warmer weather, the sunshine, and the leaves and flowers that are now (finally) dotting the landscape – there is another sure sign that spring is here…..


The baby geese are here!!!


I’ve seen four families so far – one at the Cornell Plantations Arboretum and the others at Stewart Park at the south end of Cayuga Lake.


I’ve learned that if you kneel down near the families and stay really still – they will generally come to you to find out if you have any food for them.  This (and my 70-300mm lens) allowed me to get some great shots of the babies (not far) away from their mamas.


Such cute little balls of fluff – it won’t be long until they’re going through their awkward teenage phase but right now they are just the cutest thing!


Even goose siblings get into a tussle now and again!

Enjoy the sunshine!!

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Go Big Red http://www.dlj-photography.com/blog/2013/4/Go-Big-Red I’ve been absent from blogging for a couple of weeks.  Just uninspired and impatient – it’s officially spring darnit – bring on the leaves, flowers, and sunshine!!

Unfortunately this has not been the case – I expect full leaves and green possibly next week but I found this year that that time between snow and leaves is nothing more than brown sticks.  Ick

I’ve tried to make the best of the situation by spending some time on campus – shooting a sunset (see my new header), some flowing waterfalls, and as of this week fields of daffodils.  DSC_0641_2_3_4_5dsc_0641_2_3_4_5

I’ve also spent some time at the computer working on my HDRs and panorama merging.  I like my header better than I like this HDR above.  The sky is too phoney looking in this shot to me.


The waterfalls in Ithaca are flowing nicely right now.  Notice the goose that has made her nest on the rock outcropping to the right.  I’ll be keeping track of her to see how this location works out for her and her new family.


Daffodil Hill (across the street from the Nevin Center) is in full bloom – obviously deer don’t eat daffodils!!


Another goose found a great spot to enjoy the sun, Beebe Lake, and more daffodils.

Hopefully the cool nights, warm days, and occasional rain will bring on spring at its fullest next week.  I for one am ready!!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Color http://www.dlj-photography.com/blog/2013/4/Weekly-Photo-Challenge-Color There’s an old wives tale that says spring is here once you’ve heard the peepers three times.  I have heard them three times but I’m not sure if hearing them twice in one day at two different locations counts so we’ll say I’ve heard the peepers twice – with cooler weather on it’s way – do I get to three?????

Anyway – I took advantage of some finally warmer weather to get outside and shoot.  And to finally see some gorgeous colors!!


Apparently I am not the only one happy that spring is here!!  This bee had enormous clumps of pollen stuck all over him after investigating one of the two crocuses I had blooming.


taken at Minn Garden on Cornell University’s campus

I experimented with the cluster of flowers above for quite awhile – crawling around in the dirt to get some backlighting from the still fairly high sun.  I was a filthy mess by the time I was done!


from the Farrand Garden on Cornell University’s campus

Filthy, warm in just a T-shirt and jeans, hanging out with some flowers and hopefully getting a decent shot or two – these are things that all make me happy.  I felt like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon standing in the sun stretching my wings.  It’s been a long, cold, dull winter – I really hope it’s behind me.  I can’t wait for some leaves on the trees!!

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Buffalo Zoo http://www.dlj-photography.com/blog/2013/4/Buffalo-Zoo Let’s just cut straight to the chase – I drove two and a half hours to the Buffalo Zoo to see a baby polar bear named Luna.  And although she was filthy – she’s still just the cutest thing!!


Honestly I was surprised Luna was out but the (finally) seasonable weather made it possible – prior to this day Luna could only be viewed via video feed from inside her area.  A new area is currently under construction for her but as of yesterday she can be viewed outside regularly.


The Buffalo Zoo was built in 1875 and currently has several areas that are under construction – but that didn’t take away from the exhibits as there are several refurbished areas that have been completed.  One such area is the gorilla enclosure.


And there is also a baby gorilla at the Buffalo Zoo – though not as young as Luna.  This little girl was quite the trouble maker!


Buffalo Zoo also has an extensive Vanishing Zoo exhibit dedicated to animals who are sadly becoming extinct due to the disappearance of their natural habitats.  The snow leopards are among this vanishing group.


We had a lot of fun at the Buffalo Zoo – I hope to return a few times as Luna grows and gains a “sibling” – another young polar bear is on its way from Alaska to join Luna in Buffalo.

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Big Excitement – D7100 first pics http://www.dlj-photography.com/blog/2013/3/Big-Excitement-D7100-first-pics I’d been thinking of an upgrade for about a year now – just trying to plan and budget and such.  The D7000 was high on my list but I’d also heard rumors that Nikon was working on something new in the D7000 range.  Enter the D7100.


ISO 320     f/9.0      1/250

I preordered it the day it became available and it arrived on my doorstep last week.  After spending quite a bit of time with the manual I was ready to take him (yes, I’ve decided this camera is a him) out shooting.  So Hubby and I took a road trip to Lamberton Conservatory to see their spring bulb display.

I was curious about the ISO capabilities since the D3000 had a max ISO of 1600 and a preferred ISO range of 400-800.  None of the shots in today’s post have had any noise reductions (the result of high ISOs) included in their processing.


ISO 2000     f/6.3     1/200       1.3x in camera crop and further cropped in post as well

As you can see from the shot above – ISO 2000 is not a problem at all – even after further cropping in post.  Another feature of the D7100 is the 1.3x shooting area which is a lot like the old telephoto setting on my point and shoot – and allowed me to zoom in further on this skittish quail than my 200mm would allow on its own.

While I did bring my ring flash I still wanted to experiment with my macro lens and higher ISOs.  With the D3000 I would usually shoot macros at 1/40 at and ISO of 400 – the problem being if there was any kind of breeze I’d end up with a blurry shot.  Not so with the D7100.


ISO 800       f/6.3      1/1250

Now at some point during the day I’d pushed the wrong button/turned the wrong dial and I ended up with 72 thumbnails on my playback screen – no histogram, no .exif data, just 72 thumbnails that were so small I could hardly see them.  So the settings above really make no sense to me in hindsight – but I’m using my no playback excuse.  I’m not yet in the habit of looking at all my setting in the viewfinder – another thing that’s new with the D7100.


ISO 800       f/6.4       1/640

Still using a large aperture here – for reasons that amount to little more than I’m caught up in new camera excitement and I’m not paying attention.  I generally try to use at least f/8.0-11.0 when I have the macro lens on.


ISO 800       f/18.0      1/125

Finally I started paying attention!!!  F/18.0 – I was trying to get the flowers that were about 1.5″ away from the cactus while keeping the cactus at least identifiable.  Well guess what the D7100 has – a depth of field preview button!  Push that button (and it’s labeled – I didn’t have to memorize this one!) and it stops down the lens to the prescribed aperture so you can see through the viewfinder if you need more or less aperture to get your desired effect.  Pretty neat!!  In the past I always would shoot f/11.0, f/13.0, f/15.0….. and decide in post which got me where I was wanting to go.

So that’s my initial review on the D7100 – it’s got A LOT of features – many of which I’m still learning about.  But I am very pleased with my purchase and I’m looking forward to some warmer weather so I can get out and really see what it can do!!

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Rose buds8586919611_c8cb2a7a47_b

I received my Ring Flash for Christmas (thanks mom!!) and the Philadelphia Flower Show was the first chance I had to really give it a work out. And it worked out well.
Lily Dust8586916767_951919b602_b

I think it worked especially well with my D3000 as that has a relatively low ISO threshold so raising the ISO above 400 is generally unadvisable. I was able to use ISO 100, f/8-13, and shutter 1/125 for most of these shots.
Fringed Tulip8586924969_0a64161d14_b

All I had to adjust was the flash compensation based on how close I was to my subject. I also had to make adjustments based on the reflectiveness of the flower. For example a white flower would need less flash than a deep red flower.
Red Red Rose8586836973_142a176274_b

One issue that I had to keep reminding myself of is that the ring flash is meant for macro photography only. Every so often I would try to capture a scene and the flash is not at all that powerful so I’d end up with a very dark picture. The ring flash does have an indicator light that shines when the ring flash has been effective. Try to shoot too far no indicator light. If in doubt you just have to remember to check the light.
Orchid Macro8587882610_b28f3ff38f_b

Fortunately most of the displays were set up so that I could get close enough for the macro shots. However after two days of kneeling on the concrete floor I’m not sure my knees will ever recover! I liked this clematis because I could stand for this macro!

The ring flash saved my macro life at the Flower Show. With the complicated lighting and a lot of dark spots I’m sure I would’ve come home with many underexposed or blurry shots if it hadn’t been for my ring flash!

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Spring Ahead http://www.dlj-photography.com/blog/2013/3/Spring-Ahead So I know I’m behind – again.  I brought home 600+ pictures from the Philadelphia Flower Show which I narrowed down to 175 that deserved a second look, maybe some processing, then we’d see what happened after that.  I’m about halfway through those 175.

Phillie Sunrise Panoramaphillie-sunrise-panorama

4 shot panorama of the Ben Franklin Bridge and the Philadelphia, PA waterfront taken from Penn Landing

The weekend we were in Phillie also happened to be spring ahead weekend.  So on top of spending the majority of Saturday on my feet, or kneeling on hard concrete to take the shots (my knees will never be the same), and not getting to our hotel until about 10PM, I was also going to lose an hour of sleep no matter what.  I had done my research and knew our hotel was about 11 blocks from the waterfront where there was a nice, safe looking area to take pictures of the sunrise.  I really wanted to go take sunrise shots but it was going to be early – I set my alarm for 6:00 AM which my body thought was 5:00 – and then I hoped it would rain so I could stay in bed.  :)icon_smile


It didn’t rain so out the door we went.  Mom was a good sport and came along for the ride.  Along the way we were able to stop and visit the Liberty Bell minus the crowds.  It should be noted that this area of Philadelphia is patrolled by TSA due to all of the historical landmarks in the area.  So I felt completely safe even in the 6AM darkness.


We got to Penn Landing with plenty of time to take some sunrise shots of the Ben Franklin bridge and the Philadelphia skyline. We had the perfect amount of cloud cover – just enough to reflect the pink rising sun back onto the water of the Delaware River.


At this point I put my 3-stop graduated ND filter on to even out the bright horizon with the darker river.  I love the way the sun was peaking through what I believe was a parking structure in this shot.  There were a lot of different perspectives available and we pretty much had the whole park to ourselves.  It should be noted that there was a sign at the entrance that professional photography equipment was not allowed.  Given that photography is not my primary source of income I do not consider myself a professional and I ignored the sign.  Security did go by at one point and he didn’t give me or my tripod a second glance.


Here comes the sun!!  Did anyone else ever notice it tends to get cooler just before sunrise?  The breeze picks up and I believe the temperature dropped at least five degrees from when we arrived.


So glad I got out of bed to witness this – now it was back to the hotel for breakfast because we were starving!!  Then back to the Flower Show where I practiced my macros – obvious clue as to what my next post is about!

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Black and White http://www.dlj-photography.com/blog/2013/3/Black-and-White I wasn’t sure if I’d get to Scott’s assignment this month – even though during the snow and cold I see lots of black and white inspiration.  I never really thought about why snow scapes inspired me to create black and white photos – but now I know after reading Light Stalking’s Black and White Landscapes that it has to do with the contrasts the white snow creates against the colorless trees.  And here I thought it was just because there was no color to be found anyway so I might as well shoot black and white.


Maybe there is some color to be found – green bench, yellow branches, bluish horizon but check out the b&w version:


It looks a lot cleaner to me – especially the dead yellow grass at the base of the tree.

Here a second conversion:


All the garbage that has washed up on shore over the winter just lends some ugliness to this shot I think.


But in b&w the garbage fades.  And the low hanging clouds add to the ominous of the shot.

This last conversion happened a bit by accident.  I was looking at my b&w presets and happened to hover over one called Honey on Land.  It looked quite interesting.


Almost makes this feel like a summertime beach shot if it weren’t for the dusting of snow on the dock!

And here’s the b&w:

DSC_9678-Editdsc_9678-edit Definitely a colder shot!

All of my conversions were done using Topaz’s Black and White Effects which just came out with a new version a month or two ago – it’s a lot more robust than their last b&w conversion software – and you can get a free thirty day trial to try it out for yourself!!

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Flash – and the many ways you can mess it up http://www.dlj-photography.com/blog/2013/3/Flash-and-the-many-ways-you-can-mess-it-up Who knew this light on the top of my camera would be so difficult?  I bought myself the SB-700 around Christmas with my credit card points :)icon_smile and this was its first outing.  Now I didn’t expect to just hook it on and start making beautiful, perfectly exposed pictures – I’m not that naive.  But really – sometimes I think I just got lucky rather than used any particular skill.

I started here – overexposed foreground, underexposed background.DSC_9911-2dsc_9911-2

There was no way to bounce the flash off a ceiling since the ceilings were really high and black.  If I set the flash at full power (1/1) I could light the potting shed but I blew out the foreground plantings.  When I lowered the flash I ended up with something like above.  Enter Lightroom’s graduated filters:

DSC_9911dsc_9911 By setting a graduated filter above the plants and raising the exposure 2.0 I was able to save the shot.  I also lowered the highlights for the entire shot to bring back the plants a bit.



In the shot below I was able to properly expose the shed but I overexposed the foreground tulips.  Enter another Lightroom graduated filter this time set at -1.0 to bring them back in line with the rest of the shot.

Here’s another before:


Now this one I got pretty close (I bet that’s my flash you can see bouncing off a window in the distant background).  I’d like to take some of the reflectiveness off the plate and perhaps draw the focus away from the background and the person wearing the yellow top.


This I was able to accomplish by lowering highlights and increasing the shadows and also increasing the overall clarity of the shot.  On further review I may take an adjustment brush and burn the right side background a bit to limit the visibility of the yellow shirt wearing person.

So as you can see my flash experience was a lot of trial and error and Lightroom corrections.  I did eventually get some better results by using the flash’s diffuser and increasing my ISO – but I’m saving those shots for my next post.


Until then – GO SU!!!

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Philadelphia Flower Show http://www.dlj-photography.com/blog/2013/3/Philadelphia-Flower-Show Yes, that’s right – FLOWERS!!!!  I have missed flowers so much this year – it seems every year gets a little bit worse, every winter just a little bit longer, a little bit greyer.  So the Philadelphia Flower Show was a welcome respite.


I loved these tulips – no color saturation adjustments were made here – they were really this red.


Here they are again from the other side.  The displays were amazing – so colorful and vibrant and maybe even a bit restorative.


There were even more orchids than there were tulips!!  I have a lot of macros yet to come of these amazing flowers.


Succulents on display – The Philadelphia Flower Show had every type of plant and flower there is (probably not but it sure seemed like it!)


I had a lot of difficulties with lighting and many shots that were beyond saving.  The displays were in the Philadelphia Convention Center with its high, black ceilings and stadium style lighting (you can see this in the orchid shot above).  But the displays often had their own specific lighting as well.  In addition, this was the first time I’d really taken out my new SB-700 flash and put it to work.  Many of my shots had an overexposed foreground or an underexposed background.  Underexposing the crowds is desirable as seen above, but I used a gradient mask and an adjustment brush to lower the shadow detail.


I used an adjustment brush on the shadows here as well.  If nothing else I’m getting good at masking!!

I have many more Philadelphia Flower Show shots to come, including a more educational post re: what I learned about my flash, the many mistakes I made, as well as a lot of macro shots.  This is going to be a week of color everyone!!!

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Intentional Movement http://www.dlj-photography.com/blog/2013/3/Intentional-Movement Ugh – will this snow never stop?  I have been so terribly uninspired lately most days my camera never even comes out of its bag.

So when hubby said, “want to come to Elmira, NY with me?” I said sure.  There’s a nifty little riverwalk park there that I wanted to check out.  Hopefully it has a good view of some of the bridges in the area.


Not bad I suppose.  On the other side of me there was a railroad bridge.  I had heard a train go over as we were parking the car, then another train came by a few minutes later before I’d gotten the tripod set up.  I tried to balance my elbows on the retaining wall but those shots are still pretty blurry.  So I thought I’d wait around and push my luck and hope for a third train.  So I took some long exposures of this bridge.  This bridge is kind of boring and I’m still waiting for a train…..

DSC_9697dsc_9697 I’d never tried moving the telefoto lens during a shot before – I went from roughly 70mm to 30mm during the 5 second shot here.  Interesting.


Here I went from 30mm all the way out to 18mm but I cropped some of the store with it’s bright lights on the left and the retaining wall on the bottom as they took away from the effect I thought.  I found the easiest way to do this was with the camera mounted on the tripod click the remote shutter with my right hand and move the telefoto with my left.  The tripod was key – this freed up hands and kept that camera itself immobile.  I’m not sure this was the best subject I could’ve found for this kind of shot but it was a nifty experiment at any rate.  And the train never came back by  :(icon_sad

And now it’s shameless promotion time: The shot below was selected to hang at the State of the Art Gallery starting this evening through the month of March.  If you happen to be in downtown Ithaca stop by and visit!!

Lower Falls of Yellowstone8037164803_ea2788bd13_b

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